Secoh EL-80-15 Septic Air Pump

The Secoh EL-80-15 septic air pump is an excellent choice for 500-600 g.p.d systems with outstanding performance and longevity.


Air Flow: 80LPM or 2.83 CFM 4.23 CFM Open Flow. Open flow is measured right at the outlet of the pump with no resistance on the pump.
Power Consumption: 61W
Noise Level: 40db
Rated Pressure: 2.1 PSI
Voltage: 115 VAC
Frequency: 60 Hz
Net Weight: 18.7 lbs


Integrated thermal limiter protection
EL series diaphragm pumps have a thermal limiter built into the pump. This allows the contacts to separate when the temperature of the coils reaches the temperature of 150°C. After the septic aerator has cooled off, it will start back up automatically. This usually only happens in a very old pump that needs to be replaced anyway.

Long life expectancy
Due to its unique rib designed diaphragm, the EL series enjoys a long life. The rib design takes shock away and absorbs more energy than a flat style diaphragm. This helps EL Series Secoh air pumps last for a long time.

Reduced noise level
The Secoh's thick aluminum housing and soundproofing material that is wrapped around the unit inside help with keeping the operating noise down making the Secho one of the quietest septic air pumps. .

Low vibration
Motor and pump parts are separated by a vibration-isolating rubber, so only low vibration consists.

Oil-less operation

No oil is used in operation for lubrication.This provides fresh, clean, and contaminant-free air into your system.

Outdoor Rated
EL series diaphragm aerators are waterproof and weatherproof. Its advised the be kept under some type of housing to extend the life of the unit.

Rebuild service kits
All models from 60-200 series use the same service kit. The 60-100 need one service kit and the 120-150 need two service kits.


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Ask a Question
  • how many years of warrenty?

    We give a two-year warranty on Secoh pumps as of this moment they are a proven design we have yet to have a return on one. 

  • Is this new or rebuilt?

    All our products are brand new.