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The Secoh brand is a name synonymous with excellence. Originating in Japan, this company began making electromagnetic diaphragm air pumps to treat the wastewater produced in larger quantities. For example, many of these aim pumps are used to aerate wastewater plants, whirlpools, etc.If you think you may need a new septic tank aerator, the Secoh line is one of the absolute best.For more information on Secoh air pumps, check out the large selection of models we carry.

Secoh EL-80 Septic Air Pump

Weighing 19.3 pounds, this septic pump is the perfect size for your wastewater treatment needs.This air pump will work most effectively for systems that produce 500-600 gallons of wastewater per day. This means that is will force 80 liters of air per minute. While this is one of Secoh’s smaller aerators, it is still one of the most efficient on the market. With its  61w Power Consumption level and a noise level of 40db, there is no denying the excellence of this product.


Secoh JDK-80 Septic Aerator

The Secoh JDK-80 is the newest pump from Secoh. In addition, it is also the second most efficient septic aerator in its class! With the use of a rare earth magnet, the DDK-80 aerator uses power very efficiently. By completely running on cool, this air pump is able to last 5-8 years. By purchasing this aerator, you’ll be sure to keep your costs down, and worry less.

Secoh EL-60 Septic Aerator

You will be hard pressed to find an aerator better than the EL-60 model from Seoch. This aerator runs almost silently, has the durability to outlast the competition. This premium septic air pump will last 5-6 years before it ever even needs maintenance. If maintenance is necessary, a rebuild kit can help you cut costs on this project. In the end, this model will last 10-12 years. The EL-60 model is still one of the top choices for manufacturers around the world, today, and comes with a 6 foot power cord. With its 4.9 out 5 star rating, you can bet that this product is one of the best on the market.

Secoh EL-100 Septic Aerator

The Secoh EL-100 septic aerator pump can power 110 liters of air per minute, and has a 5.65 CFM open flow. This is pretty incredible! With a 4.9 out of 5 star rating, this model of air pump is clearly superior to its competition. Use this pump on aerobic septic systems to help break down the waste within the depths of the tank. The EL-100 is an effective durable aerator, that will keep your septic tank working for years to come.

Secoh EL-120 Septic Aerator

The EL-120 Septic air pump aerator is used on many 750 - 1000 gpd aerobic septic systems. This model belongs to a line of long lasting septic air pumps that are some of the most durable in the world. An EL-120 air pump has 6.00 CFM Open Flow and forces 125 Liters of Air Per Minute. This means that it is built to handle high volumes of water. Like many other models, this one does come with a one year warranty. Rest assured that your septic tank is safe with the addition of a durable air pump

Secoh EL-150 Septic Aerator

The EL-150 Aerator is yet another Secoh aerator that is built to last. This model is used in many septic systems that work through 750-1000 gallons per day. In addition to the pump, this deal comes with a rubber 90 connection fitting and produces 150 liters of air per minute. This will help you get your pump working as quickly as possible, and keep it working efficiently throughout its years of use..