Septic Alarm Float Switch Sje-rhombus P/N 1017956 With 10' Lead

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Septic Alarm Float Switch Sje-rhombus P/N 1017956 With 10' Lead

Septic Alarm Float Switch Sje-rhombus P/N 1017956

SJE Rhombus Float Switches monitor the levels of sludge and scum in your septic tank to make sure that both remain at stable levels within your system.


In an ideal situation, you’ll have three distinct layers in your septic tank:

  • the scum layer, which is made of lighter solids, such as grease and other liquid fats.
  • the sludge layer, which is made up of heavier solids that have drifted to the bottom of the tank
  • Wastewater, which is home to important bacteria that work on the solids and break them down over time.

When any of the three fail to flow into the tank at the proper rate, there could be trouble. Ideally, the three layers will combine to reach the top of the tank, but sometimes, the amount of sewage in your tank is either too high or too low. In both cases, you need to resolve the problem quickly to prevent unpleasant complications.

SJE Rhombus Float Switches help minimize these risks by alerting a homeowner when something is amiss inside the tank. If you’ve got a high level of sewage, you’re going to get notification that something isn’t right, giving you time to contact your local sewage expert.

If you’ve got a family of four, you’re likely going to fill the septic tank within a week of regular use. If you don’t, the SJE Rhombus Float Switches can alert the homeowner that the levels are too low, allowing your local septic tank expert to check to see if the drain plug was accidentally removed the last time the septic tank was pumped, or if there’s a crack in the tank that’s causing a leak. Neither scenario is desirable, and both require the tools and knowledge of an expert, so the alarms can be a big help.

The SJE Rhombus Float Switches are also corrosion-resistant and come with a five-year limited warranty, which should allow them to cover at least one and possibly two normal pumpings of a septic tank without any concerns. If all goes well, you’ll never know they’re in the tank, but if a problem arises, they can be a real lifesaver.



About the product

This Sje-rhombus Septic Alarm Float Switch is a mini Mercury-Activated, Narrow-Angle Control switch that monitors liquid levels to activate your pump alarms.

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