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K-RAIN 4404-RCW 4000 Series Indexing Valve

by K-Rain
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4404-RCW 4 Zone Indexing Valve


Technical specifications:

Flow Range: 10-50 gallons per minute

Valve Top and Body Construction: High Strength ABS plastic

Inlet: Slip and glue connection to 1 ¼’’ PVC pipe

Outlets: 4 outlets accept 1 ¼’’PVC pipe with slip and glue connections


The 4404-RCW is a 4-zone indexing valve. This allows it to switch between 4 different groups of sprinklers. Only one zone will receive water at a time. The genius design of this valve allows it to work without any electrical input.

So how does the valve know when to switch to the next zone? The mechanism within the valve will switch to the next outlet whenever the water flowing through the valve is stopped and resumed. If a pump supplying water to the valve is turned off, the valve will switch to the next position. The next time the pump is activated, water will flow to the next outlet in the series.

This device is great for applications that have areas need more or less water than other areas or if there are too many sprinklers to run at one time. Dividing the sprinklers into zones allows each sprinkler to receive the proper flow rate. Also, plants that do not need a lot of water will not get flooded when some plants need a lot of water.

It may be confusing to see 4 outlets on a 2-zone valve. Two of the outlets will be used for the two zones, and the other two outlets will be unused. The user manual will show which outlets will be used and which outlets will not be used. Furthermore, the unused outlets should be plugged, and the user manual will explain how to properly plug the unused outlets.


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