Gast DBM60-101 Septic Air Pump

Gast DBM60-101 Septic Air Pump

Gast DBM60-101 Septic Air Pump 


In order for your septic system to run smoothly, it must have a functional air pump. The air pump essentially makes your system habitable to aerobic bacteria, which break down your wastewater so that it can be safely returned to the environment. These bacteria require oxygen to thrive. A quality septic air pump like the Gast DBM60-101 Septic Air Pump will fortify your wastewater with this much needed oxygen. Most important, Gast DBM60-101 Septic Air Pump runs quietly and with low vibration. It also includes pigtail style electrical leads.

About Gast

As an international provider of quality pumps, compressors, and motors for multiple applications, Gast prides itself in its ceaseless innovation of newer and better products that people all around the world can count on. Gast pumps are specially designed for reliability, durability, and longevity. Many even come equipped with two motors, reducing the risk of extended downtime that could cost days of much needed work.

Gast has been around since 1921 and in that time has served multiple industries--everything from wastewater treatment to healthcare. The company emphasizes three core values: Trust, Excellence, and Team. Consequently, every product Gast manufactures reflects these values, and we promise that Gast DBM60-101 Septic Air Pump is no different.

Pigtail Style Electrical Leads

Gast DBM60-101 Septic Air Pump is designed to perform efficiently. When too many electrical connections are in the way, risk of malfunction increases. The design of this model safely streamlines all connections by bringing all the wires together in a uniform pigtail so that no one wire strays. This is particularly effective when some of the wires vary in length.

Low Noise and Vibration

Nobody wants to listen to a loud machine all day and all night, no matter how hard it may be working. That is why Gast DBM60-101 Septic Air Pump is designed to operate with minimal noise and vibration. This makes it an ideal pump for peaceful residential communities.



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