• Hiblow Rebuild Kit HP-60/HP-80 Septic tank

  • $70.00 $98.00

  •  The Hiblow HP-60/80 rebuild kit is the most widely used septic air pump in the industry. Hiblow septic air pumps are easily rebuilt and repaired with over 95 percent being able to be rebuilt in as little as 10 min. This saves you hundreds of dollars when compared to buying a brand new unit.


    Fits models: HP-80, HP-60

    • Hiblow HP-60/80 rebuild repair kit for septic air pump aerator.
    • 10 units $58.00
    • 25 Units $49.00
    • Call office for this pricing.



    • 2 Diaphragms

    • Mounting Hardware (for diaphragms)

    • 4 Air Valves

    • Mounting Blocks

    • Heads

    • Black Safety Screw

    • Safety Nut for Safety Screw

    • A Brand New Filter

    Hiblow HP-80 HP-60 full rebuild kit.

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