• Hiblow HP-80 Septic Air Pump or Pond

  • $270.00 $298.00

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    Hiblow HP80 Septic Air Pump

    • New Hiblow Hp-80 septic air pump aerator $270.00
    • Quiet operation
    • Low power consumption, vibration, pulsation and starting current
    • Oil-less contamination free design
    • Long life
    • Automatic pressure limitation
    • U.L. outdoor rating available on most HP series
    • Easy to service
    • Custom OEM models
    • Fast reliable shipments/delivery
    • Thermal protection
    • Over pressurization protection
    • C.E. compliant an U.L. listed models
    • 4.2 cfm Max Air Flow
    • 80 Liters of Air Per Minute
    • 3.6 psi Max Continuous Operating Pressure
    • 120VAC, 60 Hz, 1.6A, 71 Watts
    • 36 dBA @ 1 meter
    • Dimensions: 9.3'' L x 7.1'' W x 7.8'' H
    • UL Rated For Outdoor Use
    • Includes Rubber 90
    • Hiblow HP-80 linear septic air pump aerator - 2 year warranty.
    • Works As A Replacement For The Following Models.
      Aqua Safe AS500
      Aqua Safe AA500
      Cajun Aire 500 GPD
      Clearstream CS103EL
      Clearstream CS103E
      Clearstream CS103ED
      Delta Whitewater DF40
      Delta Whitewater DF50
      Delta Whitewater DF50FF
      Delta Whitewater DF50CA
      Delta Whitewater DF60
      Delta Whitewater D80
      Delta Whitewater DF60FF
      Delta Whitewater D60
      Delta Whitewater Model 80
      Delta Whitewater Model 60
      Delta Whitewater UC50
      Delta Whitewater UC60
      Hoot H450
      Hoot H500
      Hoot H600
      Hoot LA500
      Hydro-Action AP500
      Hydro-Action HAL50-9901
      Hydro-Action HALT50-0101
      Mo-Dad 500

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