Norweco Bio-Neutralizer Septic Wastewater Dechlorinaton 45 lbs

Norweco Bio-Neutralizer Septic Wastewater Dechlorinaton 45 lbs

Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination tablets are formulated to effectively remove free and combined chlorine from water or wastewater treatment system flows. Containing environmentally safe sodium sulfite as the active ingredient, Bio-Neutralizer tablets provide consistent reduction or elimination of residual chlorine without affecting water quality, dissolved oxygen or other discharge parameters. Bio-Neutralizer tablets automatically adjust their dissolve rate in direct proportion to the incoming flow rate, to provide consistent chlorine removal up to intermittent peak flow factors of four. Optimum dechlorination rates are uniformly maintained even when the significant runoff period is six hours. When used in any approved gravity flow tablet feeder, Bio-Neutralizer tablets insure the effective reduction of chlorine residual while maintaining overall effluent quality. Bio-Neutralizer tablets are packaged in easy to open, resealable Department of Transportation approved containers.


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