Norweco Bio-Perc Remediation Tablets - 10lb

Norweco Bio-Perc Remediation Tablets - 10lb

Norweco Bio-Perc Remediation Tablets - 10lb


Norweco Bio-Perc® Remediation Tablets are formulated to eliminate organic buildup in treatment and disposal systems. Bio-Perc tablets can revitalize failing wastewater treatments and disposal systems by dosing billions of microorganisms into the effluent stream. Dissolving in response to flow velocity, Bio-Perc tablets contain strains of safe bacteria which aggressively consume organic buildup and firmly establish colonies for long-term treatment.

Bio-Perc tablets can be used in all residential and small commercial treatments systems as they enhance the operational life of leach fields, surface sand filter, subsurface sand filters, sand trenches, cesspools, mounds, low pressure distribution systems, and any other type of system prone to failure from the buildup of organic solids. When used in regular maintenance routines, Bio-Perc tablets can restore failing wastewater treatment systems to normal operation and prevent the failure of new systems, at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Scientifically blended to contain more than 220 billion beneficial microorganisms per pound, Bio-Perc tablets safely break down organic material into carbon dioxide and water. Tile fields, sand filters, mounds and other soil-based processes that have been organically or hydraulically overloaded can be renovated with Bio-Perc tablets. The tablets break down items that are slower to degrade, such as grease, fats, oils and paper products and accelerate the natural recycling process. With continuous application in any approved gravity flow tablet feeder, the accumulated organic material is digested and the system returns to normal operation.

Bio-Perc® Remediation Tablets specifications:

  • Tablet Size- 2 ⅝” diameter, 1” thick
  • Approx. Tablet Weight- 5 oz. (140 grams)
  • Approx. Tablet Density- 125 lbs./ft. 3 
  • Active Ingredient- Select bacteria cultures
  • Bacteria Count- 220 billion/ pound
  • Inert Ingredients- Dissolve rate stabilizers
  • Appearance and Odor- Bronze tablet with mild odor 
  • U.S.E.P.A Designation- Non-Hazardous

Bio-Pc tablets are stored inside an easy to open, resealable 10 lb. and 25 lb. package approved by the Department of Transportation.


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