Norweco Bio-sanitizer Septic Chlorine Tablets - 10lb - 70% Minimum Available Chlorine

Norweco Bio-sanitizer Septic Chlorine Tablets - 10lb - 70% Minimum Available Chlorine

Norweco Bio-sanitizer Septic Chlorine Tablets - 10lb - 70% Minimum Available Chlorine


Norweco Bio-Sanitizer disinfecting tablets are the ideal solution for disinfecting water or wastewater flows in your commercial, industrial, or municipal water management system. Featuring a proprietary scientific design made with safe, efficient, and reliable disinfection, Bio-Sanitizer tablets have been registered with the US EPA, the Ministry of the Environment in Canada, and all 50 State Departments of Agriculture.

The harsh truth is that many liquids and gas-based disinfection systems are potentially dangerous. Bio-Sanitizer tablets provide treatment plant operators a consistent way to meet disinfection standards without exceeding stringent limits for total residual chlorine.

Bio-Sanitizer disinfecting tablets are designed to disintegrate evenly over an extended period of time, ensuring that pathogens are eliminated. These tablets are made of pure calcium hypochlorite, which produces reliable disinfection and chlorination rates, even for runoff periods of up to six hours. When used as directed in any approved, gravity flow chlorinator, Bio-Sanitizer tablets provide positive disinfection and inhibit bacteria regrowth.

Bio-Sanitizer tablets by Norweco are on the cutting-edge of dry chlorination technology, featuring a unique and powerful design that produces maximum disinfection while minimizing the release of chlorine into the environment. Bio-Sanitizer disinfecting tablets are packaged in Department of Transportation approved containers.

Advantages of Bio-Sanitizer disinfecting tablets:

  • Environmentally safe when used as directed
  • Predictable chlorine residual 
  • Beveled edge design minimizes wicking 
  • No mixing of chemicals or solutions 

Specifications of Bio-Sanitizer disinfecting tablets:

  • Tablet Size- 2 ⅝ diameter, 13/16” thick 
  • Approx. Tablet Weight- 5 oz. (140 grams)
  • Approx. Tablet Density- 125 lbs./ft. 3 
  • Active Ingredient- Calcium Hypochlorite 
  • Available Chlorine- 70%
  • Inert Ingredients- 30%
  • Appearance and Odor- White tablet with mild chlorine odor 

Norweco Bio-Sanitizer tablets are stored in an easy-to-open resealable container, as safety during storage and transportation is of the utmost importance. This 10lb container makes transit especially easy, though larger quantities are also available from Norweco here at Wholesale Septic Supply.


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