Prime Air N14  Norweco Singular Replacement Aerator

Prime Air N14 Norweco Singular Replacement Aerator

Prime Air N14  Norweco Singular Replacement Aerator


If you are looking for a high quality shaft aerator, look no further. The Prime Air N14 is one of the best models in the industry. Aerators are vital for the longevity of your entire septic system. Without this one piece of equipment, the septic system will fail to work properly. Make sure that your septic system is working correctly and that your health is safe by purchasing a new aerator today. The Prime Air N14 is a premium shaft aerator meaning that it is easy to place and will provide you with many years of quality service. In fact, this particular aerator was only built after having 1000s of research hours to back it up. The features present in this premium model are almost endless! Not only does it have a sealed, wet duty Marathon motor, it also has a 304 stainless steel shaft that is meant to resist corrosion. This model also has many other improvements that are meant ensure the longevity of your aerator’s motor. There is a redesigned aspirator that delivers air into the tank. This was specifically designed to have less drag and improve the life of the motor. In addition, this aerator will not vacuum random things that are floating in the system. This reduces wear and subsequent failure from simple unidentified circumstances that are bound to happen in a wastewater environment. This model also includes a stud restrictor plate. This plate makes sure that foam from bacteria do not build up in the system.


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  • What kind of warranty does the Prime Air N14 Norweco Singular Replacement Aeratorhave

    It has a two year manufacter warranty