REZ1.5 HP E/One Retrofit Grinder

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REZ1.5 HP E/One Retrofit Grinder

REZ1.5 HP E/One Retrofit Grinder


The REZ1 is a 1.5 HP progressive cavity grinder pump will replace GP200/GP2000 E/ONE grinders with 1.5 HP 220v motor spinning at 1750 rpm producing total dynamic head presser of 180. Designed to be a plug and play model that needs no adjustments and no modifications you just pull the old pump out and drop the REZ1.5 in and Plug it in and your done.

The 1.5HP motor allows the REZ1 to overcome much more trash and particles because of increased power it also makes the pump strain less giving it a longer life than an OEM model. Because it is a progressive cavity pump like the E/ONE it produces a very high amount of discharge pressure need for pressure sewer lines. 


  • - Low speed, high torque non-jamming grinder
  • - Hardened, stainless steel anti-wear grinding cutter, and ring  
  • - Produces very high head pressures to assure flow against high
  • head sewer or the need to pump up steep hills or long distances. 
  • - Made for installations on high elevation, wet, or rocky sites.  
  • - Potted epoxy cord seal
  • - Continuous duty motor
  • - Built-in thermal overload with automatic reset
  • Control Floats:
  • - Pump control and high water alarm switch
  • - Standard floats for easy service
  • - Wires directly into quick disconnect receptacle
  • Check Valve:
  • - Heavy-duty, constructed from PVC
  • - Anti-siphon protection built-in 
  • Pressure Relief:
  • - Factory set at 100 psi so no damage to the system can
  • occur.


Eone is registered trademark of environmental one corporation and is not affiliated with Wholesale Septic Supply. 



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