Simplex Septic/ Sump Control Panel With Alarm

Simplex Septic/ Sump Control Panel With Alarm


When searching for a reliable Electrical Control Panel, Simplex comes highly recommended as a dependable product. This Simplex WSS 2BA Septic Pump Control Panel with an Alarm can be used for the automatic electrical cycling of a pump. It adds a protection in cases of residential and commercial applications.

A control panel is required for all systems that use a non-automatic pump. This Simplex WSS 2BA Septic Pump Control Panel comes with a build-in alarm system that will activate when water levels become unusually high. This alarm will alert you of issues right away, so you can solve any minor problems before they become a major, costly issue.

Simplex control panels will only begin working when they are properly installed. The panel needs the correct voltage and good ground. The pump must also be connected correctly to the panel. The panel circuit breaker must be closed, and the floats must be installed properly. To start operations, the pump HOA switch should also be set to “auto.”

To ensure longevity for both your pump and the control panel, the pump will energize when the “stop and “start” floats are closed. When the pump energizes, the external pump run light will illuminate. This will continue until the “stop” float opens. If the liquid level continues to rise, the Alarm will be activated. Typically when this happens, the external high water light will illuminate, the audible high water horn will sound, and the auxiliary dry contacts will close. This will cause you to be alerted of the problem right away.

If the horn is going off by mistake, or if you want to simply silence the alarm, there is an alarm silence button. There is also a test button on the Simplex WSS 2BA Septic Pump Control Panel. You can hit this to test that your product is properly working.



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