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SJE-RHOMBUS P/N 519663 Aerobic Septic Float Switch With 15' Lead

SJE-Rhombus Pumpmaster is the ideal float switch for 1/2 HP, 120V pump when directly connected and power is flowing through the float switch to power the pump with a maximum amp load of 13.
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This product is no longer in-stock, please consider this ATER pump float replacement: ATER Wide Angle Float Switch w/15' Cord
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  • The Pumpmaster float switch can also be used on 2 HP pumps that are running 220V as the amp draw is less on 220V motors. What makes the Pumpmaster ideal is its immunity to chatter in the water and its stable contacts when in the up position or the down position which allows the pump to run constantly until the desired amount of water has been discharged, and the pump shuts off. Chatter or water movement causes some float contacts to contact on and off rapidly, making the motor cycle rapidly which damages it. The Pumpmaster is the go-to choice for installers on high head effluent pumps for aerobic discharge and uses on high head pumps. The Pumpmaster also has a higher locked rotor amp rating of 85, which gives it versatility and durability when starting high head pumps that generally start with 50-62 amps for a split second.

    15' Lead


    • Heavy duty contacts
    • Totally self-contained pump switch - no control panel required
    • Suitable for use in water and sewage applications
    • Epoxy sealed switch and cord conductors
    • Small enough to operate when space is limited
    • Adjustable pumping range
    • Not sensitive to rotation or turbulence
    • Specifications
    • Non-corrosive PVC plastic float
    • Flexible 16 gauge, 2 conductors, UL/CSA SJOW neoprene, water-resistant cord

    120 VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase:

    • Maximum Pump Running Current: 13 amps
    • Maximum Pump Starting Current: 85 amps
    • Recommended Pump HP: 1/2 HP or less
    • 230 VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase:
    • Maximum Pump Running Current: 15 amps
    • Maximum Pump Starting Current: 85 amps
    • Recommended Pump HP: 1 HP or less

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