Tuf Tite 16"x14" Septic Tank Riser System™

Tuf Tite 16"x14" Septic Tank Riser System™

Tuf Tite 16"x14" Septic Tank Riser System™


If you hate digging up the lid everytime you access your Septic System, the Septic Tank Riser System™ can help you. The Tuf Tite 16" X 14" Septic Tank Riser System™ is a complete septic riser kit that comes with everything you need to install and bring your septic system to grade.

This intuitive Tuf Tite Septic Riser kit comes with a 16” Tuf Tite Septic Tank Lid, a 16” X 12” Tuf Tite Septic Tank Riser, and a 16” Tuf Tite Septic Tank Adapter Ring. The Riser Lid is rounded with a Molded-in gasket. The Tank Adapter ring is for mounting the 12” riser or lid to the tank, when casting-in is not an option. All of these parts come in a bright-green color.

The Tuf Tite 16"x14" Septic Tank Riser System™ is relatively easy to install. Simply measure your current lid from corner to corner to choose the right size Tuf Tite Riser System. All Septic Riser Systems are measured by width and height. This system is 16” wide and 14” tall on the inside. Technically the Tuf Tite 16"x14" Septic Tank Riser System™ has a true total edge to edge diameter of 18”, but it’s what's on the inside that counts.

Tuf Tite Septic Tank Risers™ can cover virtually any septic tank. They are built to withstand elements. The interlocking designs on both the risers and lids makes this system season to snap together without sealants. The tightly enclosed lid ensures no undesirable smells leak from your septic tank to your home.

This particular model is 16” X 14”, but there are other sized Tuf Tite Septic Tank Riser Systems available from Wholesale Septic Supply, including, but not limited to, 24” X 20”, 20” X 26”, and 16” X 20”.

You (the customer) are responsible for making sure you are following all applicable laws and regulations in your area before replacing your septic air pump yourself.
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Ask a Question
  • I had a new septic system put in when I built my house it has a 1' riser on it, I need to change the grade and raise the lid and make it a foot higher do you have a 2 foot riser or adapter it is a tuff tight product maybe 3 years old

    Yes you can add additional Tuff Tite Septic tank riser to your existing ones with out buying a base. Tuf Tite only male risers up to a 12inchs in height so you would need to buy two of them for your desired height. 

  • do your kits come with hardware

    yes the come with the sealetthat is all you need