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Franklin Electric


Franklin Electric septic pumps are some of the best septic effluent pumps on the market. They  typically have long lifespans and are very durable. Franklin has been making submersible motors for over 50 years many of their pumps can last as long as 15 years. This is achieved with high-quality cast iron construction that rarely ever breaks down.

Franklin Electric Effluent Pumps

Used in the transfer of dirty water within your septic system, an effluent pump will do much of the heavy lifting for you. Wastewater such as that from laundry or septic pipes is pumped through the system with an effluent pump, so ensuring that you have the right horsepower is key. A pump that is not fit for constant usage may not last more than a few months, while a pump with sufficiently strong pump can last several years.


These pumps are built for constant use, so you should be able to find one that has enough strength for your septic system. Additional features include energy-saving low amp draw and cooler running motors to maximize product life. Each pump is also built to handle wastewater and solid waste up to ½” in diameter. You can even choose from multiple switch options for automatic operation.


Franklin pumps need to be installed in tanks that have been cleaned out beforehand so that no trash or sludge is present. You also need to change the float when replacing a septic pump because the pumps pull more amps as they age. Also, all high head effluent pumps have 1 1/4 NPT threads, the national standard pipe fitting. Since this is very common in the industry, you won't have to change anything on the PVC connections when connecting your new pump.