Clearstream CS113 Aerobic Septic System Air Diffuser

Clearstream CS113 Aerobic Septic System Air Diffuser


Fits all Clearstream models (500, 600, 750, 1000, 1500)

The diffuser should be changed every 2-3 years.

When the diffuser gets plugged up it causes back pressure on the air pump causing the diaphragm to tear. If you just rebuilt of put a new compressor on your system it is advised you replace the diffuser. They are one of the main culprits of compressor and diaphragm failure. We like to drill small holes in the green part of the diffuser to prevent this and have had very good success with this method. Rotary Vane compressors will over come most of these issues as they will over come  back pressure and in a lot of cases blow the white part of the diffuser off leaving only the threaded part on. 

Clearstream aerobic septic air diffuser OEM CS113.

- Aerobic Septic System


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  • will this diffuser work with a FUJI MAC 80R2 air pump? Also what depth can you set the diffuser sense the air pump only has a operating pressure of 2.2 psi which is only 5 foot of water on top of the diffuser?

    Yes, you can use this diffuser with the Fuji Mac 80r2. It is the depth of water that matters and the 2.2 is the pressure at 80 lpm so if more pressure you will lose air volume. 

  • how big an how many holes were you drilling into the diffuser?

    4 with a 5/32 drill bit.