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Fujimac is quickly becoming one of the most popular aerator brands for septic systems. Their success can be attributed to their high-quality products. The 80r2 has been one of most reliable aerators on the market for several years. It has a proven track record that rivals the largest aerator brands. In addition to their reliability, Fujimac aerators are amongst the most energy efficient aerators. Their economical use of energy keeps the unit cool and your electric bill low.

Fujimac makes linear diaphragm aerators in a variety of sizes. This helps the customer find the perfect aerator for their particular needs. Whether you need to aerate a septic system or shallow pond, Fujimac has an aerator for you. 

Furthermore, Fujimac's aerators are simple to install. Their plug can connect them to any 115V outlet, and their barb easily connects them to a pressure switch on a control panel. The outlet on their aerators is almost identical to other popular aerator brands. Thus, they can easily replace many other aerators.

Like all linear diaphragm aerators, the diaphragms will wear out over time. Replacement diaphragms are available for all of Fujimac diaphragm aerators. This helps the user avoid the expense of replacing the whole aerator.