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Thomas Septic Air Pumps


Thomas is a highly respected manufacturer of linear septic aerator pumps that boast quiet operation, expert construction, and cost-effective operation. Each and every Thomas series linear septic air pump is built to last, saving you time, money, and the headaches of worrying about your septic system.

Oilless Operation

The Thomas septic air pumps are constructed for oilless operation. Their linear construction means less moving parts, and less touching parts, completely eliminating the need for added lubrication or other such routine maintenance. This linear construction also means the system requires less maintenance overall, making Thomas septic air pumps an affordable and dependable option, perfect for anyone in need of a septic air pump that won’t require added or unnecessary effort or costs. In combination with less needed general maintenance and a quiet operation, the Thomas septic air pumps also feature an optimized lifetime. The combination of fewer moving/wearing parts and oil-less operation means less chance of malfunction, damage, or mishap throughout its lifetime, guaranteeing your Thomas septic air pump will serve you for years to come.