16" x 2" Septic Tank Riser Kit

16" x 2" Septic Tank Riser Kit

16" x 2" Septic Tank Riser Kit

PLEASE NOTE: This Septic Riser Kit Come Supplied with (1) one tube of riser tar sealant


All Septic Riser Kits are measured by width and height. The width will be the first number and height of the second number. This system is 16" wide and 2" tall. The 16" refers to inside diameter its true total edge to edge is 18" but what matters is the inside, so this is why we refer to it as 16". The deeper the septic system is on the ground, the more comprehensive it should be beyond 2 feet. You are limited by the access size, so a 16" septic tank riser won't make the bottom hole bigger thus not making it easier to work on. It will allow a tool to go down easier and let more light to see what you are doing.

P/N: 162srs

*Above is a picture drawing of the dimensions of the base for the kits*

    • 1 - 16" Heavy Duty Tuf Tite Septic Tank Flat Or Domed Lid
    • 1 - 16" Tuf Tite Septic Tank Adapter Ring
    • 1 Tube Riser Tar Sealant


    About the product

    The 16" x 2" Septic Tank Riser Kit is a complete septic riser kit that comes with everything you need to install and bring your septic system to grade.
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