3/8 Pond Weighted Air Line 50ft

3/8 Pond Weighted Air Line 50ft

3/8-inch weighted airline 50ft

When Should I consider 3/8-inch weighted airline?

                This product is intended for short distances and relatively low flow rates. This means that this product is ideal for small shallow ponds. Koi ponds that are 5-feet deep or less are particular applications where you may see this product.

                Its durable build ensures that is long-lasting and kink-resistant to ensure smooth airflow. This means that you can install this airline and forget that it is even there. Because it is self sinking it does not need additional weights or products to hold it down.

Pond Aeration

Wholesale Septic Supply’s weighted aeration tubing is ideal for pond aeration. This flexible and durable tubing will ensure that the air will get to where you need aeration. Aeration is critical for proper pond maintenance. Seriously consider this product if you are aerating your pond for fish, preventing algae growth, promoting aerobic bacteria, water circulation, preventing fish kills, increasing water clarity, or just for general pond maintenance.

Septic Tank Aeration

Stiff tubing can make it difficult to get diffusers in and out of your septic system. Wholesale Septic Supply’s weighted aeration tubing makes it easy to install an aerator and check diffusers for maintenance. Customers no longer have to struggle to get diffusers back into oddly shaped tanks.


  • Nominal Inner Diameter 3/8 in
  • Nominal Outer Diameter 0.690 in
  • Temperature Range 25 F to 150 F
  • Working Pressure at 70 F is 50 PSI
  • Naturally Sinks
  • Phthalate Free
  • RoHS
  • PVC
  • Black in color

P/N: K2W-0611X30050ft

Pressure Loss Due to Friction

3/8’’ Inner Diameter Weighted Tubing that is 100’ long

Flow Volume (CFM)

Pressure Loss (PSI)













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