Blue Diamond ET120A Septic Air Pump

Blue Diamond ET120A

The Blue Diamond ET120A Septic Air Pump is a high performing aerator designed for use in aerobic treatment units (ATU). Rest assured that your wastewater is being properly treated with this septic air pump that has a built-alarm. With a flow rate of 120 liters per minute, this air pump efficiently pumps oxygen into your wastewater, breaking down waste into manageable bits for bacteria to dismantle. If you need a new air pump for your aerobic septic system, the Blue Diamond ET120A might be the ideal pump for you. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider the Blue Diamond ET120A Septic Air Pump when you are looking to replace the 120 liters per minute pump for your ATU.


In addition to its strong performance, the Blue Diamond ET120A Septic Pump is durable and built to last, making it a cost effective aerator. This weatherproof aerator incorporates Blue Diamond’s specially formulated diaphragm material to increase the life of the product, meaning less air pump replacements. The Blue Diamond ET120A also has reasonably priced repair kits to help you extend the life of your aerator. Your air pump can be costly to replace, so the durability of this pump will save you hundreds of dollars over time.

Pump Alarm

If an issue does arise with your air pump, the Blue Diamond ET120A has a built-in alarm to help you recognize and solve problems before they become expensive or cause costly damage to your aerobic septic system. The alarm detects low pressure in the airline and signals the problem with a high sounding buzzer and LED lights. This alarm alerts you to issues with the aerator before they become problematic.


The Blue Diamond ET120A will help you conserve energy and help the environment. Blue Diamond utilizes green drive technology to help make this oil-free aerator one of the more energy-efficient models available for residential use. With power consumption as little as 125 watts, you can feel comfortable using this aerator intermittently or continuously. The Blue Diamond ET120A also helps the environment by destroying wastewater and releasing clear drainage instead of effluent into drainage fields.


For more information about this cost-effective, energy-efficient air pump, contact Aerobic Septic System.


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  • What psi is this model

    3.5psi is the pressure of this model.