Blue Diamond ET60A Septic Air Pump

Blue Diamond ET60A Septic Air Pump

The Blue Diamond ET60A Septic Air Pump is a powerful air pump that will help increase the levels of oxygen in your aerobic septic system. This versatile pump can be used for residential aerobic septic systems, pond aeration, and a host of other septic applications. If you need an efficient aerator for your septic system, this pump might be a good fit. Here are some ways in which the Blue Diamond ET60A Septic Air Pump has a step up over its competitors.


The Blue Diamond ET60A Septic Air Pump has a flow rate up to eight liters per hour and can handle up to 500 gallons of water each day. This means that the air pump is efficiently pumping oxygen into the water, aiding in the development of waste reducing bacteria and decreasing the amount of effluent that is released into the environment. With no wearing parts, this aerator does not compromise performance, even when running continuously. Increase the efficiency of your waste management with the Blue Diamond ET60A.


Green drive technology allows the Blue Diamond ET60A to be one of the most energy-efficient air pumps available. This oil-free pump can run on as little as 55 watts, which will save energy and money.


Your aerobic septic system is one of the most costly systems that you will have on your property. Purchasing a cost-effective aerator like the Blue Diamond ET60A will save you money over time because they are long-lasting and durable. The Blue Diamond ET60A is weatherproof and has thermal overload protection, so it is perfect for outdoor use. It has specially formulated diaphragm material to support its longevity, and if this part needs to be replaced, there are affordable repair kits on the market for this pump.


The Blue Diamond ET60A also has a built in alarm that uses a buzzer and LED lights to notify users when there is low pressure in the airline. This alarm will signify when an issue occurs so that the problem can be taken care of before it leads to more costly issues like sewage backup and overflowing drainage fields.


If you are in the market for a cost-effective, energy-efficient, high performance air pump, the Blue Diamond ET60A might be right for your system. For more information about the Blue Diamond ET60A Septic Air Pump, contact Aerobic Septic System.


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