Blue Diamond ET80 Septic Air Pump

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  • how many years of warranty

    Comes with a one year warranty.

  • Does it come with installation instructions

    Yes, this septic air pump comes with instructions on how to install it if you have any issues you can contact us and we will walk you through any problems. 

  • How long should the pump last?

    Normal life is around two years before a rebuild is needed.

  • do you have a manual for this air pump ,to show where the air filter is ?

    The filter is located on the top of the ET80 under the plactic housing. 

  • Please define ‘louder’. Wha is the decibel rating

    The manufacturer says 40 decibels but its around 60 its louder than the other linear pumps. 

  • Can this unit replace a clearstream air pump?

    No it should not be used on clearstream system do to the high back pressure that the clearstream diffuser  puts on the aerators.

  • What is the voltage ?

    115 Volts

  • is the 90 degree ell included?

    Yes, The 90-degree elbow is included with all diaphragm aerators we sell. 

  • 115v connection or hard wire

    You can do it, either way; it comes with a three prong plug, if you need to hard wire it just cut the plug and hard wire it in. 

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