Clearstream 500N Alternative Septic Air Pump

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Clearstream 500N Alternative Septic Air Pump

Clearstream 500N Alternative Septic Air Pump


This functionally designed plug-and-play unit is known as a gold standard by both septic installers and home-improvement folks alike. The Clearstream 500N can be used to replace model CS103E and CS103ED, and any other 500-600 gpd Clearstream system. With the Clearstream 500N, replacing your old, worn out septic air pump is painless.

This versatile pump will hook up directly to your current system. Simply start by removing your old aerator. Once you’re ready to hook up your new gear, connect the new system’s wires in the exact same spot as the old wires. As soon the wires are set, you can turn on the Clearstream 500N and start using your septic system again.

The Clearstream 500N has been approved by the National Science Foundation. This 115v pump is low powered (1.6 amps, 62 watts,) so it won’t raise your power bill. It is so quiet (36 dba,) it has a lower noise level than a hair dryer, so it won’t disrupt your home. It's also extremely efficient at 80 liters per minute.

The Clearstream 500N comes with an air barb for an alarm connection and a new rubber elbow to connect to the airline. This sturdy air pump typically lasts between three to five years before needing maintenance, but just in case, this unit comes with a two-year warranty. When you do need to start rebuilding your system, there are cost-effective rebuilding kits available.

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About the product

If your Clearstream Septic tank is in need of a new air pump, look no further than the Clearstream 500N. This reliable product has been known as the preferred septic aerator for over a decade, because of both its effectiveness and simple maintenance.

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