Clearstream 600D Alternative Septic Air Pump

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Clearstream 600D Alternative Septic Air Pump

They are used for 500-1500 gpd systems with larger systems using two pumps. The 600D replaced model CS103E and CS103ED and any other 500-600 gpd Clearstream system. 

Clearstream moved to this model septic aerator after trying and failing to make its own unit. So after that negative experience, they went with the 600D.It has been used as the aerator of choice on their aerobic systems for over ten years now. 

This is a plug and play unit it will directly hook up to your system. You merely remover your old aerator and put this one in its very easy to connect as it 115v so just put the new wires where the old wires went and turn it on.  

  • Low power use 1.6 amps 62 watts.
  • 80 liters per minute 
  • 36dba very quite
  • Brand new in box
  • Has air barb for alarm connection 
  • Comes with new rubber elbow to connect air line going to the tank. 
  • Comes with a two-year warranty 

This pump has been approved by NSF for use on this aerobic Septic System. 

Common questions :

Q: Will this fit under my housing that I currently have.

A: Yes this unit is the same size as your old one. 

Q: Are there parts to rebuild these pumps 

A: Yes we sell rebuild kits for this septic aerator. 

Q: What is the typical lifespan 3-5 years before rebuilding total life with rebuilds 9-12 years.

Q: How do I know when I should replace my aerator unit or if it can be rebuilt.

A: Normally a red dust will for from the shuttle that moves back and forth getting too close to the coils. This means you should replace the whole unit. 

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About the product

The Clearstream 600D is the preferred septic aerator on the Clearstream aerobic units with its quite reliable performance and ease of maintenance with cost-effective rebuild kits. Installers preferred the 600D over other septic air pumps.

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