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Clearstream CS103EL Alternative Septic Air Pump

The Clearstream CS103EL Alternative Aerator is a compact and efficient air pump designed for use in aeration systems, such as those in septic tanks, wastewater treatment plants, and pond aeration.
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  • The Clearstream CS103EL Replacement Septic Air Pump can be used for 500-150 GPD systems with larger systems using two pumps. The CS103EL is a direct replacement for Clearstream CS103E, CS103ED, and any other 500-600 GPD Clearstream system.

    When replacing an old Clearstream system, the process is very simple. Merely remove your old aerator, and connect the old wires into the new system. This plug and play system can be set up in your home in under and hour.

    The Clearstream CS103EL Septic Air Pump has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. After 4 to 6 years, the system will likely need significant maintenance. If your current clearstream system has recently stopped working, you may be able to rebuild your aerator, rather than buying a new one. Rebuilding a septic air pump costs just a fraction of buying a new one. It takes less than thirty minutes, and can be completed at home. If you are interested in a cost-effective rebuild kit, you can find one on Wholesale Septic Supply.

    Although the Clearstream CS103EL Septic Air Pump is known for longevity, if problems arise in the first two years, you are covered. This Clearstream CS103EL Replacement Septic Air Pump comes with a two year warranty.

    This pump has been approved by NSF for use on your aerobic Septic System

  • Liters Per Min (LPM) 80
    PSI (max continuous Operating Pressure) 3.6
    Noise Level (dBA) @ 1 Meter 36
    Current 1.6 A
    Rated Loading Pressure 2.13 psi
    Weight 15.4 lb
    Power Consumption 71 W
    Power Supply Frequency 60 Hz
  • 2 Year Warranty Covering all Manufacturer Defects

    3 Year Warranty on Electrical Components ONLY

P/N: HBL-AER-80-N23

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  • I have CS103E rotary vane style, will this new CS103EL work ?

    Yes it will work perfectly as a replacement for your vane style pump. 

  • Will this replace my Clearstream 500n system

    Yes it is for the clearstream 500n, and 600n.