Clearstream CS103F Alternative Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump

Clearstream CS103F Alternative Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump

Clearstream CS103F Alternative Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump


To this day, it remains a highly durable pump that has a typical operating lifetime of 10-13 years. With continued use, the rotary vanes will eventually breakdown and cause the pump to fail. Even worse, failure to purchase a new pump could cause damage to your entire septic system. Ensure that your water is properly treated by maintaining a working septic pump.

Also known as a septic air pump or air compressor, septic aerators are required for every aerobic septic system in existence. Septic aerators pump air into a water treatment tank. Once the air is in the tank, it can provide helpful bacteria with the oxygen needed to process your home's waste. Without a properly working septic air pump, your system discharge will produce a foul smelling odor. If you didn’t know, that is the smell of untreated raw sewage. Aside from the smell, a malfunctioning aerator can lead to a variety of problems as well -- including improper drainage and overfilling. This could potentially result in expensive service calls.

The Clearstream CS103F Replacement Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump specifications are:

  • Max Flow: (60 Hz) 4.8 cfm
  • Max Pressure: 5 psi
  • Max Vacuum: 24 in-Hg
  • Power Rating: 1/4 Hp

You (the customer) are responsible for making sure you are following all applicable laws and regulations in your area before replacing your septic air pump yourself. Clearstream is a Registered Trademark of Clearstream, LLC. Wholesale Septic Supply sells Clearstream replacement septic pumps and is not a Clearstream LLC authorized distributor, dealer, or affiliate.

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About the product

This Clearstream CS103F replacement rotary vane septic air pump is a great replacement for a damaged or non-running Clearstream CS103F rotary vane septic aerators. Clearstream septic air pumps were used heavily in early days before other aerators became more prevalent in the industry.