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Clearstream P-20X Alternative Submersible Septic Water Pump

Bottom suction pumps are designed to be submerged and the lack of elevation above the water level means vapor locks do not form within the pump.
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  • An aerobic septic system air pump delivers oxygen to the hard-working bacteria that are responsible for the process of breaking down waste. Septic system pumps are generally long-lasting and reliable, but eventually, even the sturdiest pump will need to be replaced.

    With a 10-foot lead, you’ve got plenty of wire to do the job and shouldn’t have to add any length. The hollow wall design allows water to move through the pump, which cools the motor, reducing wear and tear and extending the life of the pump. Quiet, reliable, and drawing very little power, the Clearstream P-20X is an ideal choice when the time comes to replace your current pump.

    Note that you (the customer) are responsible for making sure you are following all applicable laws and regulations in your area before replacing your septic air pump yourself. Clearstream and P-20 are Registered Trademarks of Clearstream Wastewater, Inc. Under no circumstances is Wholesale Septic Supply representing to the general public that it is an Authorized Distributor, Dealer, or is affiliated with those companies with whom we make product comparisons or with any products we sell.

    Please Note: When replacing these Water Pumps, the pump float must also be replaced. We will not warranty these water pumps if the float is not purchased. Please follow the below link to order the pump and float together.

  • Voltage 115
    Gallons Per Min 20
    Discharge Size 1.25 inch
  • One Year Warranty with the purchase of a Float Switch

    Warranty covers manufacturer defects only

P/N: ATR-EFPBS0512018-N02

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  • Can the P20X be used in leu of the P20D? Design wise, they look the same. The P20D is 115v and 9.5amps. Do you have more detailed specs of the P-20X?

    Yes, this is a direct replacement for the P20D same specifications amp draw, GPM, and voltage. It's a plug and play unit you need to buy a new control float for it as well that is the bottom float switch.   

  • I have this model in my septic. My septic filled up and pump quit working (alarm was activated). I bypassed the float switches and pump just hummed. I removed the pump and the screen was pretty clogged. cleaned everything and tried it again with no luck. I pulled the pump apart and found the impellers had friction welded together due to no flow. I removed the impeller stack and the motor ran fine. Is there a replacement kit for the impeller section.

    No there is no impeller kit for these pumps you have to buy a completely new effluent pump.