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Delta Whitewater DF50CA Septic Air Pump Rebuild Kit

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Rebuild kit for Delta Whitewater DF50CA septic air pump

If your DF50CA septic air pump has stopped working, consider using a rebuild kit to repair your aerator/air pump before purchasing a replacement.

This rebuild kit is for DF50CA septic air for the Delta Whitewater DF40 aerators.

If your aerator has a red dust built up inside of it, that means that your coils are rusting and you will need to purchase a replacement air pump.

Delta Whitewater has used several types of aerators on their systems. This makes it important to check your aerator’s model. This rebuild kit is for the Hiblow variant. If the aerator is made by Hiblow, the interior of the aerator should indicate the manufacturer.

The following are instructions for checking the aerator’s manufacturer.

1 Remove the four screws securing the aerator cover
2 Remove the aerator cover
3 Remove the shroud (The white sheet surrounding the center assembly)
4 Check the metallic surfaces inside the aerator for the letters “HP”. Note: These letters should appear on the center assembly
5 Check to make sure the number after “HP” is “60” or “80”. Note: The label should read “HP-60” or “HP-80”          

If you see “HP-60” or “HP-80”, then this kit may work for you.

Important: If you do not see “HP-60” or “HP-80”, then this kit will likely not work for you.

If you have questions, please call our office.

You (the customer) are responsible for making sure you are following all applicable laws and regulations in your area before replacing your septic air pump yourself. Delta Whitewater is a trademark of Pentair Water. Under no circumstances is Wholesale Septic Supply representing to the general public that it is an Authorized Distributor, Dealer, or is affiliated with those companies with whom we make product comparisons or with any products we sell.

P/N: HBL-RBK-D68-N11

  • 2 Diaphragms
  • Mounting Hardware (for diaphragms)
  • 4 Air Valves
  • Mounting Blocks
  • Heads
  • Black Safety Screw
  • Safety Nut for Safety Screw
  • Brand New Filter


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