Franklin Electric C1 20XC1-05p4-2W115 Septic Pump

Franklin Electric C1 20XC1-05p4-2W115 Septic Pump

 Franklin Electric C1 $230.00 Submersible Septic Effluent Pump, Stainless Steel, 20 GPM

Designed for use as a gray water/septic effluent pump in drip and sprinkler service applications, the C1 Series cistern pump provides high performance and long life in less than clean water conditions. The C1 Series pump is able to pass solids up to 1/8-inch without having a negative effect on the internal hydraulic components. Franklin electric C1 series high head submersible effluent pump 20xC1-05p4-2W115 - bottom suction.


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  • How much lift in feet will this pump do?

    It will pump from about 50 feet down and still give good pressure. You can put it more in-depth than that, but you will lose significant head pressure past 75-80 feet.

  • Is the 20XC1 the same as the 20C1

    The 20xC1 has an additional stage to the pump giving it a higher head pressure. In simple terms, it can push the water further or higher than the regular C1 can. There is no different in the motor itself only in the pump part of the unit. It is common in to use the 20XC1 in cistern applications where water pressure is to be maintained in a house. They also use them in homes that have weak city water pressure and its two stories high. You can use either in septic spray applications if you have a run of 300 or more feet the 20XC1 would be a better fit.  

  • Is this a plug and play pump for the Clearstream P20D?

    Yes, this is a plug and play with your Clearstream P20D. It is an 1" 1/4 outlet and rated for 20 GPM.

  • how much electrical cord comes on the Franklin Electric C1 20XC1-05p4-2W115 Series Aerobic Septic Effluent Pump

    It comes with 10ft lead cord.