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Franklin Electric E-Series 1/2 HP, 20 GPM Septic Effluent Pump

Franklin Electric High Head Submersible Effluent Pumps are used to pump treated effluent or wastewater from an aerobic treatment system to a spray irrigation or sprinkler system, drip irrigation system, mound system, or any other high-pressure secondary treatment system.
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  • Key Features
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  • Ideal for effluent pumping applications.

    Stainless steel or thermoplastic discharge and motor bracket are tough and non-corrosive. Both materials are highly resistant to damage by minerals, metals, and other substances typically found in water.

    Heavy duty, 115V, 1/2 hp,10 ft SJOOW motor leads.

    Ceramic bearing sleeve has time proven durability for years of reliable service.

    Hex rubber bearing has extra large surface assuring shaft stability and multiple flow channels keeping particles away from bearing surfaces.

    Proven hydraulic staging allows close tolerances and increased performance.

    Carbon phenolic upthrust washer prevents excessive wear in severe applications.

    Removable built in check valve on 10-20 gpm pumps. No built in check valves on high capacity pumps.

    Powered by a Franklin Electric submersible motor.


    Filtered effluent service


    Ornamental fountains/waterfalls

    Please Note: When replacing these Water Pumps, the pump float must also be replaced. We will not warranty these water pumps if the float is not purchased. Please follow the below link to order the pump and float together.

  • Discharge Size 1.25 inch
    Gallons Per Min 20
    Voltage 115 V
  • One Year Warranty with the purchase of a Float Switch

    Warranty covers manufacturer defects only

Questions & Answers

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  • Will this directly replace the septic pump we have it looks just like the one we have. Do I need to replace any of the pvc or change anything to make this fit.

    Yes, most pumps are the same length due to them being 1/2hp, and 20 gallons per min that are mid suction that is the screen is in the middle pump. You should not have to change anything as far as PVC is concerned the threads are also the same. All septic pumps in aerobic septic systems that are sprinkler pumps, or drip pumps use 1 1/4 NPT opening where the PVC connects to the septic pump.  NPT stands for "national pipe thread." it is used universally in all pumps. The only other thing that we strongly recommend is getting a new float switch when buying a new septic pump.

  • Will this replace a 20FE05)4-2W115 pump? If yes, mine appears to have 2 floats. Will I need to purchase them as well? Part number on float (or switch?). How long for shipping to Beaumont, TX?

    Yes it will replace it pefectly. and we have the floats as well the SJE Rhombus Pumpmaster for the control float and the SJE Rhombus for the SENSOR float for the alram is what you need. 

  • Will this work as a replacement for a deep well? Also is this pump and motor?

    Yes, this is pump and motor. This is a good question it has more to do with the static water level that depth of the well. If you don't know if this will work on it, I would suggest you use a professional on water well as there are many variables on pump sizing. I need to know the static water level the drawdown on the well while running and a couple of other things. If not you will burn through pumps that should last 15-20 years very fast. 

  • Is this pump will work for 40 feet head, in other word Water would be pulling from minimum 40 feet deeper

    Yes it will work for that depth as the pump curve is way beyond that depth.