Fuji Mac 80R2 Septic Air Pump

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Fuji Mac 80R2 Septic Air Pump


If your current air pump is making your energy bill skyrocket, it may be time to invest in a Fuji Mac 80R2 Septic Air Pump. 

The Fuji Mac 80R2 Septic Air Pump isn’t just known for its unmatched energy efficiency. This air pump is also extremely reliable. This long-lasting air pump can work for 7 years without needing to be rebuilt. If you do have an issue with the air pump, Fuji Mac offers a 2-year manufacturer warranty, so any issues are covered.

The Fuji Mac 80R2 last so long, because it has a low running temperature. It runs at a standard 70 degrees fahrenheit, which reduced the wear on diaphragm parts. The low temperature also puts less stress on the air pump, which allows it to work for a long time without significant damage.

If longevity and energy efficiency aren’t enough to get you on board, maybe the soft sound of the Fuji Mac 80R2 will reel you in. The Fuji Mac 80R2 Septic Air Pump operates at an astounding 30 db, making it the quietest pump available today. This means the pump can operate quietly under your home, and not disrupt your daily life.

The Fuji Mac 80R2 Septic Air Pump is setting a new industry standard for septic aerators. The Japan-based company, Fuji Mac, holds it’s factories to strict cleanliness and customer service standards. They offer a long warranty, because they are confident their air pumps will outlast the competitors.



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