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FujiMac 100r2 3/4 Acre Pond Aeration Kit with 100 Ft. Hose

Adding aeration to a pond is essential for maintaining water quality, supporting aquatic life, and preventing common pond issues.
Size: 1/2" Weighted Hose
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    • FujiMac 100r2 linear diaphragm aerator
    • 100 ft of 1/2 in weighted air hose OR 3/8 in weighted hose
    • (2) Diffusers

    Aeration Kit Benefits

    • Aerates a pond up to 3/4 acre and 10 feet deep
    • Causes circulation within the pond
    • Increases oxygen levels in the pond
    • Creates a hole in the ice covering the pond in the winter
    • Reduces algae

    WSS’s pond aeration kits are a great choice to limit algae growth, reduce foul pond odors, and increase the clarity of your pond. Low oxygen levels and stagnant water can cause the pond to become unsightly and a hazard for fish in the pond.

    Low oxygen levels may result from large amounts of organic material finding its way into the pond. The death of large amounts of algae or fertilizers from nearby yards are common sources of organic materials. Additionally, some types of algae will consume oxygen at night. These factors may decrease the oxygen available for the fish within the pond. If the oxygen level falls too low, the fish may suffocate.

    Additionally, anerobic bacteria may start to break down the organic waste if there is not enough oxygen in the pond. These anerobic bacteria can produce foul smelling odors. Injecting air into the system can promote bacteria that do not cause foul odors.

    Warm summer days may cause layers to form within the pond. The lower layer within the pond and will often have significantly less oxygen than the surface layer. Sudden changes in temperature can cause the lower layer to mix with the upper layer. This situation is often referred to as a pond “turnover”. Mixing the layer with low amounts of oxygen with the rest of the pond will cause the average amount of oxygen in the water to decrease. Thus, fish will no longer be able to hide in the upper layer of the pond with abundant oxygen. If the oxygen in the water is diluted too much, the fish may suffocate.

    WSS’s aeration kit injects air directly into the pond. Installing WSS’s aeration kit provides two major benefits to the pond. The first benefit is that more oxygen will enter the pond. This will help reduce pond odors and increase the amount of oxygen available for fish within the pond. Winter weather can make it difficult for ponds to absorb oxygen, but an aeration kit will constantly supply the pond with oxygen.

    The second major benefit is that the rising bubbles will cause the pond water to circulate. Mixing the water within the pond will help prevent distinct layers from forming within the pond. Oxygen will be more evenly distributed throughout the pond.

    The aerator housing protects the aerator from the elements. Additionally, the housing is ventilated to allow air to flow over the aerator and keep the aerator cool. Keeping the aerator cool will help the aerator last longer.

    Some other pond kits use a 3/8’’ diameter airline. We use ½’’ to make it a little easier on the aerator to move the air into the pond. Airlines with very small diameters can make it difficult for the aerator to move the air and that can shorten the life of the unit.

P/N: WSS-PON-K1210FMA100-NH (1/2" HOSE)

P/N: WSS-PON-K3810FMA100-NH (3/8" HOSE)

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