Gast 0323 AK524 Vacuum Pump End Cap Filter

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Gast 0323 AK524 Vacuum Pump End Cap Filter

Gast 0323 AK524 Vacuum Pump End Cap Filter

To keep your system up and running, there is some regular maintenance required. All air pumps need regular maintenance, and the Gast Septic Air Pump is no exception. The most common maintenance item is the internal filters.

Your Gast Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump should have two internal filters. These filters are typically small, and made of black or dark grey felt. These filters need to be cleaned every six months. The filters need to be replaced every year. When using Gast Rotary Vane Air pumps, the vanes lay down a film that they then wear against. If your filter is dirty the dust that is sucked inside will scratch the film layer away. This will shorten the life of the vanes.

The Gast 0323 AK524 Vacuum Pump End Cap Filter is the internal filter for the Gast 0323 series compressor. This filter fits all 0323 models of NuPulse, Hoegger, and Gast. One order of the The Gast 0323 AK524 Vacuum Pump End Cap Filter comes with two filters. It is important you change both of your Gast Septic Air Pump filters at one time. If one filter is clean, but the other one is dirty, dust can still enter your system, ruining the Rotary Vanes. If you have ignored your filters for too long, or if you system is old, you may have to repair your entire Gast Septic Air Pump System. Wholesale Septic Supply offers Gast 0323 Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump Rebuild Kits that include the internal filters.

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Gast Septic Air Pumps are one of the most popular air pump models on the market because they are quiet and reliable. These intuitive pumps are designed to protect against internal corrosion and excessive noise. These impressive features mean Gast Air Pumps are long lasting, and typically need little maintenance.

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