Gast 0523 Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump

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Gast 0523 Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump

Gast 0523 Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump


The Gast 0523 (0523-101Q-G588NDX) rotary vane septic air pump is a highly reliable septic aerator designed for years of service. Using 115v 1/4 H.P motor and producing 4.5 C.F.M of air at a maximum 10 psi. The 0523 from Gast can be used in aerobic septic systems from 500G.P.D to 1000 G.P.D. or ponds up to 1 acre in size. The 0523 offers more consistent air flow over a diaphragm or piston pump and normally a longer life as well. these aerators can be rebuilt many times when the vanes wear down and no longer work. They have built-in thermal protection on the motor as well.

The rotary vane design allows for easy maintenance as well as a long life. Rebuild kits are available for this product. This product can be expected to perform for five or more years before it will require a rebuild kit.


  • Rotary vane air compressor
  • These specifications are results for a system with a 120-volt power source
  • Most power providers within the United States provide VAC at 60 Hz
  • The highest pressure at which this product can operate continuously is 10 PSI
  • The maximum airflow through the outlet of this product is 127 liters per minute
  • The noise level of this product will be less than double the average ambient noise within a home.
  • Low air pulsation
  • Oil free operation
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Easy maintenance
  • K478 Repair kit



Rated Voltage  120 Volts

Power supply Frequency 60 Hz

Current 4.6 Amps

Power   190 (1/4) W (hp)

Rotations Per Minute 1725 RPM

Maximum Pressure 10 PSI

Maximum Airflow 127 L / min 4.5 cfm

Sound level Less than 70 dB(A)

Temperature Range 38.8 – 104 ℉

Weight 32 lbs.

Length 14.12 In

Width 5.63 In

Height (without filter) 6.36 In

P/N: 0523gs



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