Gast 0823-312Q-G302X Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump

The Gast 0823-312Q-G302X  septic air pump is the choice of professional installers who want to give customers a long trouble free septic air pump. The compressor is not sensitive to back pressure like diaphragm pumps. It is not uncommon for a Gast unit to work for 8-10 years with no issues. Than means the unit will have made over 7 billion rotations before having to be rebuilt. It achieves this with a unique vane that puts a film down on the counter face so that the material is wearing against it self.This allows the vane to wear at a rate of a thousandth of an inch per year. It is important to clean the compressors top filter every 4 months as dust entering the the septic air pump takes the film layer away affecting longevity and time between rebuild. Gast Rotary Vane septic air pump is a durable, long lasting pressure air pump.
This unit can be wired at 230V or 115V, but comes pre-wired for high voltage.


  • 3/4 hp ( 0.56 kW )
  • Max Flow (50 Hz)
  • 6.5 cfm ( 11.0 m3/h )
  • Max Flow (60 Hz)
  • 8.0 cfm ( 13.6 m3/h )
  • Max Pressure
  • 10 psi ( 0.7 bar )
  • Max Vacuum (60 Hz)
  • 26.5 in-Hg ( 116.0 mbar abs )
  • Weight
  • 47 lbs ( 21 kg )
  • Min Temperature
  • 33.8 °F ( 1 °C )
  • Max Temperature
  • 104 °F ( 40 °C )
Gast 0823-312Q-G302X.


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  • Is the max pressure measured in gauge or absolute pressure?

    That is maximum pressure without damaging the unit. The motor would get hot, and the thermal switch would shut it down. The vanes could also shatter if too much pressure is applied.