Gast 0823 Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump

The Gast 0823 Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump is the choice of professional installers who want to give customers a long trouble free septic air pump. The compressor is not sensitive to back pressure like diaphragm pumps. It is not uncommon for a Gast unit to work for 8-10 years with no issues. Than means the unit will have made over 7 billion rotations before having to be rebuilt. It achieves this with a unique vane that puts a film down on the counter face so that the material is wearing against it self.This allows the vane to wear at a rate of a thousandth of an inch per year. It is important to clean the compressors top filter every 4 months as dust entering the the septic air pump takes the film layer away affecting longevity and time between rebuild. Gast Rotary Vane septic air pump is a durable, long lasting pressure air pump.
This unit can be wired at 230V or 115V, but comes pre-wired for high voltage.


  • 3/4 hp ( 0.56 kW )
  • Max Flow (50 Hz)
  • 6.5 cfm ( 11.0 m3/h )
  • Max Flow (60 Hz)
  • 8.0 cfm ( 13.6 m3/h )
  • Max Pressure
  • 10 psi ( 0.7 bar )
  • Max Vacuum (60 Hz)
  • 26.5 in-Hg ( 116.0 mbar abs )
  • Weight
  • 47 lbs ( 21 kg )
  • Min Temperature
  • 33.8 °F ( 1 °C )
  • Max Temperature
  • 104 °F ( 40 °C )
Gast 0823 Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump.


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