Gast 1023 K479 Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump Rebuild Kit

The Gast K479 Rotary Vane Rebuild kit for the 1023 septic aerator comes with everything you need to repair your Gast 1023 septic air pump for only $74.00. The 1023 Septic Air Pump needs to be rebuilt on a periodic basis to bring them back to factory performance. Also after many years the vanes eventually wear down and break into little pieces causing the pump to stop working and needing to be rebuilt. Servicing the unit is with the K479 Rotary Vane Rebuild Kit is an easy and economical alternative to buying a brand new pump.

  •  4  AK513 Vanes
  • 2 O-Rings
  • Gasket
  • 2 Internal filters
  • Instructions on rebuilding.

Gast 1023 rebuild kit K479.


Ask a Question
  • what is the difference between k479b ww and k479b

    The b is a lubricated vane pump kit the k479 and k479a are for a dry running vane pump. 

  • What are the measurements of the vanes

    About an 1 1/4"