Gast AT05 Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump

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  • What is the difference between the Gast AT05-101-G215DX and the AT05-520-G215DX? Also, Do you sell enclosures to protect a rotary vane pump from the weather?

    The only difrenceis a the motor might have been tweaked in one way or another there is no change to the design, output, or H.P. 

  • does this come in a 1/2HP?

    No the 1/4hp motor is specfice to the Gast AT05 it never came in 1/2HP. There are other models Gast makes but in the 23 series there is no 1/2HP models.

  • Our current system is Gast RV03-315-G649DX which stopped working recently and we need to replace it. Now that this model is out of market, I would like to know what's the equivalent model as a replacement. To replace, do I need any electrician or plumber or we can do by ourselves. What's your return policy, just in case the model doesn't work for us. How soon you can deliver it ?

    The Gast AT05 is the unit that replaces the the RV03. The rv03 is over 13 years old and they moved away fro the 1/3 hp and went to a 1/4 hp motor for durabilty reasons.