Gast K575A 1423 Rebuild Kit

Gast K575A 1423 Rebuild Kit

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Gast K575A 1423 Rebuild Kit


We know the importance of keeping your septic system running smoothly. We also realize that purchasing an entirely new aerator can put a huge dent in your wallet. In order to save you money, we have started carrying the entire 23 series of Gast septic aeration rebuild kits. This special series, the 23 series, is noted for their high quality vanes that do not require lubrication. Before, if your aerator stopped functioning correctly, it would be necessary to purchase a new aerator. By purchasing a Gast rebuild kit, you can focus on the source of the problem. For example, although the vanes are durable, over time, they can still wear down. When this happens, you aerator will stop using the right amount of pressure to vacuum out waste. if you have a broken vane, rather than buying a new aerator, you can now simply replace that one part. The specific kit models we carry include: 0523, RV03, RV05, AT03, AT05,0823,1023,1423. We also carry the rebuild kits for the diaphragm dbms, and dbmx models that are made by Gast. Some of these different models require replacement parts that overlap with other kits. For example, the 0523 to AT05 all take the same vane and gaskets. In addition, the 0823 and 1023 kits also contain interchangeable parts. This same principle can be applied to small vane units. This means that all ⅙-¼ small vane units take the same kit. When you get up to ¾ hp motors, those will also take the same kit.


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