Hiblow HP-100LL Septic Air Pump

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  • How much is shipping on this pump? Hamilton Ohio 45013

    Shipping is free with the Hiblow HP-100LL Septic Air Pump as it is free with all of our products. Expedited shipping will have to be paid by the customer if required, but we ship out same day.

  • re. HP100LL: I would like to run 2 lines from this aerator using a splitter at the pump to my 2 ponds (ponds are connected by a 4' wide opening at the intersection, ie. 7) 1 air line would be direct from the pump to the nearest pond; approx 50' from the edge to the center. The 2nd air line approx 125' from the pump, with a 2 way splitter (T) at the end, 2 air lines 50' each way (1 east & 1 west). my ponds are no more than est. 8' deep. would the air pressure be enough for these 3 air outlets?

    You would have to run a larger hiblow a HP-150 would work. 

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