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Hiblow HP-100LL Septic Air Pump

by Hiblow
  16 Reviews
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Hiblow HP-100LL Septic Air Pump


Are you in the market for a reliable aerator? Look no further than the Hiblow HP-100LL Aerator from Hiblow USA.

Since 2002, Hiblow has been one of the highest rated manufacturers of aerators and pumps. Hiblow focuses on bringing high-quality products to home and business owners, helping them to maintain their water and septic systems with the use of Hiblow aeration tools. Hiblow pumps have been used in a variety of applications and industries, helping people have access to clean water and energy all over the world. Our products can be found everywhere, from keeping home septic systems healthy to powering fuel cells.

The Hiblow HP-100LL aerator has design improvements that set it apart from and make it last longer than the original Hiblow HP-100. Design improvements to the diaphragm allow for extended use and a longer life span. Bonded by metal with Teflon protection in between to slow the wear and tear of the EPDM material, the newly designed diaphragm is also held in place by a magnet, helping to reduce stress points and give your unit a longer life.

The Hiblow HP-100LL aerator typically lasts for 2-3 years. Should your unit malfunction early, Hiblow can help you rebuild and find replacement parts. Wholesale Septic Supply also carries rebuild kits for a variety of pump and aerator models, including the Hiblow HP-100LL aerator. As most aeration units can be repaired once or twice before requiring replacement, rebuilding your aerator can save you time and money.

Able to fit most 600 and 750 gallons per day units as well as some medium-sized aeration systems, the Hiblow HP-100LL is a high-quality and durable option that will serve you well.

Wholesale Septic Supply is offering a 3 year warranty that will cover any issues you may experience with the ELECTRICAL components of this aerator! You will also have a 2 year warranty that will cover the non-electrical components such as the diaphragms (bladders). This new upgraded warranty is effective for all Hiblow purchases made after January 1, 2021.


  • 1.0 Amps and 75 Watts are required for this product
  • This product’s ideal operating pressure is 2.57 PSI
  • The highest pressure at which this product can operate continuously is 4.3 PSI
  • Ideal airflow through the outlet of this product is 100 liters per minute
  • The maximum airflow through the outlet of this product is 130 liters per minute
  • The noise level of this product will be about the average noise level within a home.
  • Integral low-pressure alarm
  • Oil free operation
  • Sound dampening technology


Rated Voltage 120 VAC

Current 1.0 A

Power supply Frequency 60 Hz

Power Consumption 75 W

Rated Loading Pressure 2.57 PSI

Maximum Continuous Operating Pressure 4.3 PSI

Maximum Airflow 130 L / min 4.5 cfm

Airflow Volume (@ rated pressure) 100 L / min 3.5 cfm

Noise Level 42 dBA

Weight 19.8 lbs.

Length 10.87 In

Width 7.87 In

Height 8.74 In

P/N: 77-989J-A3L1

You (the customer) are responsible for making sure you are following all applicable laws and regulations in your area before replacing your septic air pump yourself.

All Hiblow Aerators come with a 2 year warranty


Ask a Question
  • How much is shipping on this pump? Hamilton Ohio 45013

    Shipping is free with the Hiblow HP-100LL Septic Air Pump as it is free with all of our products. Expedited shipping will have to be paid by the customer if required, but we ship out same day.

  • re. HP100LL: I would like to run 2 lines from this aerator using a splitter at the pump to my 2 ponds (ponds are connected by a 4' wide opening at the intersection, ie. 7) 1 air line would be direct from the pump to the nearest pond; approx 50' from the edge to the center. The 2nd air line approx 125' from the pump, with a 2 way splitter (T) at the end, 2 air lines 50' each way (1 east & 1 west). my ponds are no more than est. 8' deep. would the air pressure be enough for these 3 air outlets?

    You would have to run a larger hiblow a HP-150 would work.