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Hiblow HP-100-0130 Septic Air Pump

by Hiblow
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Hiblow HP-100-0130 Septic Air Pump


Hiblow also puts two places the diaphragm is held by the magnet reducing the stress points on it and giving it longer service life.

The Hiblow HP-100-0130 fits most 600 & 750 Gallon Per Day units as well as several other medium aerobic septic systems.You (the customer) are responsible for making sure you are following all applicable laws and regulations in your area before replacing your septic air pump yourself.

Rebuild kits are available for the maintenance of this product. This product can be expected to require rebuild after three or four years of operation, and it can be rebuilt two to three times. However, red dust building up inside the compressor may signal that a rebuild may not be sufficient.

Hiblow has proven track record of producing high quality aerators. You can rest easy knowing that your Hiblow aerator is built to last. These aerators also come equipped with industry leading safety features. Extra parts for Hiblow aerators are also well supported. This ensures that extra parts for your aerator can be fairly easily acquired.

Wholesale Septic Supply is offering a 3 year warranty that will cover any issues you may experience with the ELECTRICAL components of this aerator! You will also have a 2 year warranty that will cover the non-electrical components such as the diaphragms (bladders). This new upgraded warranty is effective for all Hiblow purchases made after January 1, 2021.


  • 1.2 Amps and 100 Watts are required for this product
  • This product’s ideal operating pressure is 2.57 PSI
  • The highest pressure at which this product can operate continuously is 3.6 PSI
  • Ideal airflow through the outlet of this product is 100 liters per minute
  • The maximum airflow through the outlet of this product is 110 liters per minute
  • The noise level of this product will be about the average noise level within a home.
  • Includes a pressure tap location for external alarm sensor
  • Oil free operation
  • Sound dampening technology




    Rated Voltage 120 VAC

    Current 1.2 A

    Power supply Frequency 60 Hz

    Power Consumption 100 W

    Rated Loading Pressure 2.57 PSI

    Maximum Continuous Operating Pressure 3.6 PSI

    Maximum Airflow 110 L / min 3.8 cfm

    Airflow Volume (@ rated pressure) 100 L / min 3.5 cfm

    Noise Level 38 dBA

    Weight 18.7 lbs.

    Length 10.87 In

    Width 7.87 In

    Height 8.74 In

    P/N: 77-989J-A3L1A

    All Hiblow Aerators come with a 2 year warranty


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