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Hiblow HP-120LL Pond Aerator

The Hiblow HP-120LL Pond Aerator is a long-lasting, high-quality aeration tool that will help maintain the health of your pond or water system.
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  • Hiblow has been creating high-quality, top of the line aeration and septic treatment products since 2002. With a focus on bringing incredible products to companies and individuals from every industry, Hiblow has pushed to the top of the market. Hiblow pumps and aerators are very diverse and have been used in applications from farming and food production to backup clean energy and fuel cell power. When it comes to cleaning, aerating, and maintenance of septic and water systems, Hiblow is the expert.

    The Hiblow HP-120LL has been given improvements that make it one of Hiblow’s longest lasting and most effective aerators yet. With an extra strong, metal and Teflon bonded diaphragm and capable of running on less power than other units, this aerator is top of the line.

    Pond aerators are a necessary part of any healthy water system. Without proper aeration and circulation, ponds grow unhealthy and unstable. Neglecting to install a reliable pond aerator can result in the build-up of algae, phosphorous and other harmful bacteria that harm or affect fish or plants living in your pond. Without regular circulation and aeration, ponds can become a breeding ground for millions of mosquitos, begin to smell and look bad and become overgrown with bacteria and harmful chemical buildup. By installing a pond aerator like the Hiblow HP-120LL, you can help prevent accruing extra costs and being inconvenienced by an unhealthy pond.

    Hiblow pond aerators like the Hiblow HP-120LL typically last for 2 to 3 years. In the case of early malfunction, Hiblow will help you rebuild and repair your unit. Even once your unit has run for 2-3 years, Hiblow units can easily be rebuilt to extend their lives. Wholesale Septic Supply is proud to carry rebuild kits for a variety of aerators and pumps, including the Hiblow HP-120LL. Most models can be rebuilt once or twice before requiring a complete replacement, and opting for a rebuilt kit and regular maintenance of your aerator can save you lots of time and money.

    The Hiblow HP-120LL pond aerator fits all 750 gallons per day units, as well as some 1000 gallons per day systems. With excellent power efficiency, a long life-span, and high-quality results, you can’t go wrong with a Hiblow HP-120LL pond aerator

  • Rated Voltage 115 V
    Current 1.8 A
    Power Supply Frequency 60 Hz
    Power Consumption 125 W
    Rated Loading Pressure 2.57 psi
    Max. Operating Pressure 3.6 psi
    Noise Level 40 dBA
    • 2 Year Warranty Covering all Manufacturer Defects
    • 3 Year Warranty on Electrical Components ONLY

  • Hiblow HP120LL Septic Pump Documentation

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