Hiblow HP-80-0110 Septic Air Pump

Hiblow HP-80 0110 septic air pump is a model of hiblow that is used in specific septic systems. It has an air barb that comes with the unit and an option to not use the air barb as well. With its high durability diaphragms and long lasting coils, you will get years of service from the HP80-0110.

  • 80 Liters of air per minute
  • 3.6 psi Max Continuous Operating Pressure
  • 36 dBA @ 1 meter
  • Quiet operation
  • Long life


Ask a Question
  • what's the difference between HP 60 and HP 80

    The HP 60 Puts out 60 liters of air per minute, and the HP 80 puts out 80 liters per minute. 

  • does the HP 80 come with AC cord?

    It comes with a USA standered three prong plug. 

  • what would i need to aerate a 2 acre pond that averages 4 ft deep? how much electric does this use?

    Very little about 71watts so 6 to 7 dollars a month in electric cost.

  • Can the air output be directed to a 4 port manifold, and then sent to separate diffusers to aerate a 1 acre, 6 ft. deep max pond? If possible, is there any issue with not enough pressure, air, backpressure, etc. that I should be concerned with?

    I would bump it up to a HIblow 120LL to do a four-port manifold at a minimum and be more comfortable with an hp-150

  • How do I tel the model of my air pump? It looks like Hiblow HP-80-0110 shown on the picture, with an additional enclosed vertical panel and red light on top. Mine stopped working and I'm curious whether it can be serviced or if I need to buy a new one. I'm in Altadena, CA. Thanks!

    You need a HP-80A or a HP80 rebuild kit.