Hiblow HP-80-0110 Septic Air Pump

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  • what's the difference between HP 60 and HP 80

    The HP 60 Puts out 60 liters of air per minute, and the HP 80 puts out 80 liters per minute. 

  • does the HP 80 come with AC cord?

    It comes with a USA standered three prong plug. 

  • Is this a new pump or rebuilt pump for 265.00

    We only sell new products, nothing is used or rebuilt.

  • Does this have an alarm?

    This one in particular does not have an alarm, but we do sell the Hiblow HP-80A which does have an alarm, if you are interested in one with an alarm.

  • what would i need to aerate a 2 acre pond that averages 4 ft deep? how much electric does this use?

    Very little about 71watts so 6 to 7 dollars a month in electric cost.

  • Can the air output be directed to a 4 port manifold, and then sent to separate diffusers to aerate a 1 acre, 6 ft. deep max pond? If possible, is there any issue with not enough pressure, air, backpressure, etc. that I should be concerned with?

    I would bump it up to a HIblow 120LL to do a four-port manifold at a minimum and be more comfortable with an hp-150

  • How do I tel the model of my air pump? It looks like Hiblow HP-80-0110 shown on the picture, with an additional enclosed vertical panel and red light on top. Mine stopped working and I'm curious whether it can be serviced or if I need to buy a new one. I'm in Altadena, CA. Thanks!

    You need a HP-80A or a HP80 rebuild kit. 

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