Hiblow HP-80 Septic Air Pump

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Hiblow HP-80 Septic Air Pump


The Hiblow HP80 is the most commonly used septic air pump used in an aerobic septic system. Most systems are 500 to 600 GPD systems and need an 80 liter per minute septic air pump to process that amount that is the meaning of the 80 in the pump model. The Hiblow HP-80 is the lifeline that makes the system aerobic by pumping air into the system and providing dissolved oxygen (D.O) to the bacteria that break down all the waste in the system. Without it, the system does not work correctly, and the systems water quality is inferior. It is what makes the water that comes out not smell like raw sewage when it is discharged from the system.You (the customer) are responsible for making sure you are following all applicable laws and regulations in your area before replacing your septic air pump yourself.

Rebuild kits are available for the maintenance of this product. This product can be expected to require a rebuild after three or four years of operation, and it can be rebuilt two to three times. However, red dust building up inside the compressor may signal that a rebuild may not be sufficient.

Hiblow has proven track record of producing high quality aerators. You can rest easy knowing that your Hiblow aerator is built to last. These aerators also come equipped with industry leading safety features. Extra parts for Hiblow aerators are also well supported. This ensures that extra parts for your aerator can be fairly easily acquired.

All Hiblow Aerators come with a 2 year warranty

Product Details:

• New Hiblow HP-80 septic aerator
• Quiet operation
• Low power consumption, vibration, pulsation and starting current
• Oil-less contamination free design
• Long life
• Automatic pressure limitation
• U.L. outdoor rating available on most HP series
• Easy to service
• Custom OEM models
• Fast reliable shipments/delivery
• Thermal protection
• Over pressurization protection
• C.E. compliant a U.L. listed models
• UL Rated For Outdoor Use
• Includes Rubber 90
• Hiblow HP-80 linear septic air pump aerator

Rated Voltage 120 VAC

Current 1.6 A

Power supply Frequency 60 Hz

Power Consumption 71 W

Rated Loading Pressure 2.13 PSI

Maximum Continuous Operating Pressure 3.6 PSI

Maximum Airflow 120 L / min 4.2 cfm

Airflow Volume (@ rated pressure) 80 L / min 2.8 cfm

Noise Level 36 dBA

Weight 15.4 lbs.

Length 10.08 In

Width 7.09   In

Height 7.72 In

2-year warranty

Outlet Outer Diameter 0.71 In

Outlet Inner Diameter 0.46 In




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