Hiblow HP-80 Septic Air Pump Rebuild Kit

The Hiblow HP-80 rebuild kit is the most widely used septic air pump in the industry. Hiblow septic air pumps are easily rebuilt and repaired with over 95 percent being able to be rebuilt in as little as 10 min. This saves you hundreds of dollars when compared to buying a brand new unit. One thing to look for is a red dust in the unit this is a sign the coils are failing, and a new pump should be bought. We created a video below to walk you through the process of rebuilding the Hiblow Hp80.

Fits models: HP-80

Hiblow HP 80 rebuild repair kit for septic air pump aerator.
Ten units $58.00
25 Units $49.00
Call office for this pricing.


2 Diaphragms

Mounting Hardware (for diaphragms)

4 Air Valves

Mounting Blocks


Black Safety Screw

Safety Nut for Safety Screw

A Brand New Filter

Hiblow HP-80  full rebuild kit.


Ask a Question
  • I have a HP-50W-016 air pump. what rebuild kit do I use?

    You can use the Hiblow 80 rebuild kit to rebuild it.

  • I opened up my Hiblow and found that the safety screw is broken. I don't see anything else wrong with it could I be wrong or do I just need to replace the safety screw to fix it.

    There is a good chance the diaphragm is ruptured on one of the diaphragms. The screw doesn't just break for any reason. The magnet that travels back and fouth has two ridges on it they are there so if the magnet moves too far the ribs hit the safety screw and break it. The unit shuts off when this happens, so it doesn't damage itself further. You need to buy a rebuild kit to fix it has a safety screw in the kit along with a filter, chamber blocks, and diaphragms.