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Hiblow HP-80A Septic Air Pump

The Hiblow HP-80A Aerator is a compact and efficient air pump designed for use in aeration systems, such as those in septic tanks, wastewater treatment plants, and pond aeration.
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  • The Hiblow HP 80A is a compatible replacement for many other 80 LPM air pumps. The Hiblow HP-80 is commonly used on many 500 GPD systems. Hiblow Aerators, Hiblow Septic Air Pumps, and Hiblow HP Models are the highest quality septic air pumps used on aerobic septic systems today. The Hiblow Diaphragms last longer than any pump on the market. HiBlow Linear Septic Air Pumps all have a low power consumption, quiet operation, little vibration, low pulsation, long life, and are easy to service. 

    The Hiblow HP-80A has a built in alarm to alert you when the pump has lost pressure. This feature helps you become aware of a problem with the diaphragm or the unit it self so it can be rebuilt with a Hiblow HP-80 rebuild kit. Hiblow septic air pumps can generally be rebuilt twice. So if you are looking at this pump because yours stopped working it can probably be rebuilt and it's very simple to do. 

    Rebuild kits are available for the maintenance of this product. This product can be expected to require a rebuild after three or four years of operation, and it can be rebuilt two to three times. However, red dust building up inside the compressor may signal that a rebuild may not be sufficient.

    Hiblow has proven track record of producing high quality aerators. You can rest easy knowing that your Hiblow aerator is built to last. These aerators also come equipped with industry leading safety features. Extra parts for Hiblow aerators are also well supported. This ensures that extra parts for your aerator can be fairly easily acquired.

  • Liters Per Min (LPM) 80
    PSI (max continuous Operating Pressure) 3.6
    Noise Level (dBA) @ 1 Meter 36
    Current 1.6 A
    Rated Loading Pressure 2.13 psi
    Weight 15.4 lb
    Power Consumption 71 W
    Power Supply Frequency 60 Hz
  • 2 Year Warranty Covering all Manufacturer Defects

    3 Year Warranty on Electrical Components ONLY

  • Hiblow HP80A Septic Pump Documentation

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  • Does your company rebuild pumps?

    We sell the rebuild kits, we do not rebuild the pumps. However, we do have some videos on you tube that walk you through the process of rebuilding that may help.