Hiblow HP-80w Dual Port Septic Air Pump

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Hiblow HP-80w Dual Port Septic Air Pump


The Hiblow HP80W is a cost effective choice that can assist with aerobic septic systems. This aeration blower operates using a dual port aeration system. The two ports work simultaneously. Each port operates with specific functionalities. One port serves as the primary aeration port. The second port operates as the second point of aeration and is located in the clarifying portion of the unit. The second port also directly connects to an airlift style skimmer. The dual processing aeration allows for a more effective waste sanitation process.Repairs for your Hiblow HP-80 will be inexpensive and easy to perform. Over 95% of all repairs will be able to be completed within as little as ten minutes. Having a unit with cost-effective repair options can save you hundreds because you won’t have to buy a new unit. When your pump is ready to be replaced a red dust will become present. Most of the time, however, you will just need to perform a quick minor repair. With the dual port aeration process you will have a much cleaner and clearer effluent. The cleaner effluent can be safely discharged onto the septic drain (leach) field. The installation process for the Hiblow HP80W is easy and fast to do. The unit does not need any programming. To start using your Hiblow HP80W you will just need to hook it up. Any programming that takes place will be done automatically by the unit. Dual Port Rated Voltage: 120 VAC Power Supply Frequency: 60Hz Rated Loading Pressure: 14.7 kPa Airflow Volume: 80LPM or 2.83CFM Power Consumption: 71W Noise Level: 36 dBa Weight: 15.4lbs Dimensions: 9.50L x 7.11W x 7.78H UL Rated for outdoor use. Two Year Warranty


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