Secoh JDK-80A Septic Air Pump

Secoh JDK-80A Septic Air Pump


The Secoh JDK-80A is the newest alarm septic air pump from Secoh. This model has taken its place as the second most efficient septic aerator on the market in its class. It holds the pump curve for longer and will produce more pressure than that of a other rare earth aerators. The attached alarm will alert you if their is low pressure of the diaphragm fails also. Secoh JDK-80A Septic Air Pump contains rare Earth-magnets, which enhance its efficiency, thereby allowing the Secoh JDK-80A- to run cooler while utilizing less power than its traditional counterparts. Efficient power usage allows for the Secoh JDK-80A to have an elongated life, often around 5 to 8 years with proper maintenance. The Secoh JDK-80A also generally requires fewer repairs and can be a more cost-effective option in terms of maintenance. This Secoh JDK-80A is intended as a replacement for an existing damaged or non-functioning Secoh JDK-80A or other 500 to 750 GDP aerobic systems. If your system is damaged beyond simply replacing the pump, we suggest contacting a professional.

Maintenance is simplified on the Jdk models as well the can be rebuilt with out the magnet spacer shims that the older EL-models needed making service fast and less error prone.

Septic air pumps are integral to the function and maintenance of aerobic septic systems. Septic air pumps supply your aerobic septic system with vital oxygen. The helpful bacteria within the system that break apart biological waste require oxygen to complete this function. Proper aeration means your system will be able to properly settle and digest waste prior to removal and disposal. A non-functioning or damaged aerobic septic air pump can result in malfunction of your septic system, which includes overflow, leakage, an increase in the toxicity of waste, and difficulties in removal and disposal. Checking your aerobic septic system weekly for signs of foul smelling discharge (which indicates a problem) can give you a good indication of the condition of your aerobic septic system.

Secoh JDK-80A Septic Air Pump Aerator Details

  • 80 Liters of air per minute
  • 115V
  • 1.2 AMPS
  • Aerobic Septic aerator or Pond Aeration Pump
  • Fits 500 to 750 GPD Aerobic Systems (Check with your septic manufacture to make sure pump is suitable for your application)
  • Intended for Septic Tank Aeration

You (the customer) are responsible for making sure you are following all applicable laws and regulations in your area before replacing your septic air pump yourself. Secoh and JDK-80A are Registered Trademarks of Secoh. Under no circumstances is Wholesale Septic Supply representing to the general public that it is an Authorized Distributor, Dealer, or is affiliated with those companies with whom we make product comparisons or with any products we sell.




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